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How to Draw Wolverine from Marvel Comics Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Today I will show you how to draw Wolverine from Marvel Comics. Wolverine was born James Howlett and usually called Logan. However, he is a  mutant with animal-keen senses, strength and power as well as healing abilities. Today I will guide you thru the step by step process to drawing a great Wolverine! Have Fun!

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How to Draw Wolverine from Marvel Comics in Easy Steps

How to Draw Wolverine from Marvel Comics in Easy Steps

Step 1


– Lightly draw an oval with guidelines thru the center. This will be the chest.

Step 2


– Use the guidelines in the chest to help place the face.

– Lightly draw the face with a circle and a rectangle. Draw guidelines thru the center of the face as well.

Step 3


– Draw some ovals and a rectangle for the arms.

Step 4


– Draw some ovals for the front leg.

– Draw another oval on the right arm and a rectangle on the left arm. Connect the left arm with a letter ‘J’ shape and a line…as seen above.

Step 5


– Draw some basic shapes for the back leg (I highlighted it in green).

– Draw a line and a sideways capital letter ‘D’ shape for the front foot.

Step 6


– Now we are going to work on the face.

– Draw the chin.

– Draw an oval-ish shape for the nose.

– Draw letter ‘S’-shape on on the left side of the face. Draw a curved line on the right side of the face.

Step 7


– Draw leaf-shaped eyes.

– Draw 2 curved lines below the nose.

– Draw letter ‘s’ shaped curves above the eyes and on the left side of the face.

– Draw a few lines on the face.

Step 8


– Draw letter ‘c’ shapes on both sides of the mouth. Draw a line above the mouth.

– Draw letter ‘s’-like curves (highlighted in blue) on the face.

– Draw 2 curved lines on the forehead as well as some random lines.

Step 9


– Blacken some parts of the face and color the rest in blue-ish.

– Draw some triangle-ish shapes on the mouth and below it. Draw a curved line thru the center of the mouth.

Step 10


– Use the guides to help you outline the body (in black).

– Draw 2 ovals on the left hand.

– Draw 2 rectangles on the right hand.

– Draw a few letter ‘v’-like shapes on the chest.

– Draw 2 curved lines for the belt.

Step 11


– Draw a lowercase letter ‘e’ shape in the left hand…also draw letter ‘v’ shaped claws.

– Draw a #8-like shape on the right hand…as well as letter ‘v’-shaped claws.

– Draw some curved lines on the shirt.

– Draw a letter ‘Y’ shape in the middle of his belt as well as a few lines.

– Draw a #7-like shape on both legs…as well as a few ovals.

– Draw a letter ‘S’-like shape on the front of the front foot.

Step 12


– Continue to add more details…as I outlined in the picture above.

Step 13


– Now add random shapes for highlights and shadows on the body, arms, legs, etc.

Step 14


– Blacken some of the shadow areas.

– Use the hand guidelines to outline the hands and the shadow areas in the hands.

– Draw a bubble letter ‘x’ shape in the ovals on the chest.

– Draw squiggly, bumpy lines on the bottoms of the shoes.

Step 15


– Erase guidelines and add more shadows.

Step 16


– Blacken the shadow areas.

– Start adding his stripes.

Finished Drawing of Wolverine

How to Draw Wolverine from Marvel Comics in Easy Steps

– Finish adding stripes and also add some other lines for shadowy-areas and hairs on his arms.

You now have an awesome Wolverine drawing, you can continue to add to it by adding the colors of his uniform. I hope that you had fun. Come back soon for more superhero characters from comic books as well as many other fun lessons!!

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