How to Draw Snivy from Pokemon in Easy Steps Drawing Tutorial

Do you want to learn how to draw Snivy, the adorable green lizard like creature from Pokemon? Snivy evolves from Servine and later evolves into Serperior. I will help you draw Snivy by illustrating each step with simple geometric shapes, letters, and numbers. If you know how to draw basic shapes, my lesson should help… Read More

How to Draw Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon 2 in Easy Steps Tutorial

Toothless is the adorable dragon that Hiccup saved after shooting him down. They became best friends and he now is part of all of Hiccup’s journeys. Today I will show you how to draw Hiccup without all his reins and chains. I thought that would make drawing him too difficult. Have fun! How to Draw… Read More

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