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How to Draw Kissing Heart Emoji Face with Easy Steps Drawing Tutorial

Learn how to draw the emoji that is blowing a kiss that turns into a heart. This face is pretty simple to draw and I will show you the steps to drawing him with this guided lesson. Have fun!

How to Draw Blowing a Kiss Heart Emoji Face with Easy Steps Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw Kissing Heart Emoji Face with Easy Steps Drawing Tutorial

Step 1


– Draw a circle. If this is difficult for you, trace a cup or bowl.

Step 2


– Draw guidelines thru the center of the circle.

– Draw an oval for the left eye.

Step 3


– Draw a bean shape for the right eye.

– If you don’t know how to draw a bean…lightly draw 2 circles and then trace them as I did.

Step 4


– Draw curved lines for eye brows.

– Draw a #3 shape for the lips.

Step 5


– Draw a sideways letter ‘C’ shape on each eye brow.

– Draw a #3-like shape to outline the lips.

Step 6


– If you are going to color in this emoji, you are going to want to draw the highlight line. Outline the innards of the circle, just at the top.

– Draw a sideways #3-like shape for the heart.

Step 7


– Draw a letter ‘V’-like shape for the bottom of the heart.

Finished Drawing of Kissey Face Emoji

Finished Drawing of Kissey Face Emoji

– You now have a black and white drawing of the kissing emoji.

Finished Colorized Kissey Face Emoji

Finished Colorized Kissey Face Emoji

– This is what the emoji should look like colored in. It won’t look exactly like it, as this was made on a computer. But you can get pretty close.

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