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How to Draw Disney’s Peter Pan with Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Who doesn’t love Disney’s Peter Pan…the boy who wouldn’t grow up? Today I will show you how to draw the animated version of Peter Pan. It is simple enough, I guide you to drawing him with simple geometric shapes, letters, and numbers. Have Fun!

How to Draw Disney’s Peter Pan with Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw Disney's Peter Pan with Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Step 1


– Draw an oval and a rectangle for the basic shape of the face.

Step 2


– Draw a guideline thru the center of the face.

– Draw a capital letter ‘D’ shaped body.

– Draw stick arms and legs for the basic structure of the limbs.

Step 3


– Draw a letter ‘S’-like shape on the left side of the face.

– Draw oval eyes.

– Use the guides to help you draw the chin.

Step 4


– Draw a letter ‘C’-shaped ear.

– Draw a #2-like shape for the bangs.

– Draw ovals inside the eyes.

– Draw a letter ‘S’ shaped nose.

Step 5


– Draw a letter ‘B’-like shape for the hat.

– Draw a sideways letter ‘Y’-shape n the ear.

– Draw sideways letter ‘V’-like shapes for eyes brows.

– Draw an oval shaped nostril.

– Draw a sideways #3-like shape for the mouth.

Step 6


– Draw sideways letter ‘M’ shapes for hair.

– Draw a letter ‘s’-shaped curve on the side of the mouth.

– Draw a few curved lines at the mouth area of the face.

Step 7


– Draw a leaf shape at the top of the hat for the feather.

– Draw sideways letter ‘M’-like shapes for the sleeves.

– Draw oval-ish shapes for the arm / hand guidelines.

– Draw letter ‘D’-like shapes for the feet guides.

Step 8


– Outline some guidelines.

– Draw a backwards capital letter ‘D’ shape for the left collar.

– Draw a #2-like shape in the chest area.

– Draw a #8-like shape in the chest area.

Step 9


– Draw letter ‘J’-like shapes on the left hand for fingers.

– Draw curvy humps on the right hands.

– Draw sideways letter ‘s’ curve.

– Draw a curved line and an oval for the sword handle. Draw a letter ‘V’-like shape at the bottom of the sword.

Step 10


– Add some details to collar area.

– Draw a sideways letter ‘s’ shape and a lowercase letter ‘d’ shape at the waist area.

– Draw capital letter ‘D’ shapes on the feet.

Step 11


– Draw a #6 and a sideways letter ‘s’-like shape to finish off bottom of outfit.

– Outline the leg guides to form the legs.

– Draw sideways letter ‘v’-like shapes for the tops of the shoes.

Step 12a


– Draw a letter ‘U’-like shape on the left foot.

– Draw a backwards letter ‘J’ shape in the right foot.

– Draw a line on each knee.

Step 12b


– Finish off the feet.

Finished Drawing of Disney’s Peter Pan

Black and White Line Drawing of Disney's Peter Pan Flying

– Now erase the guidelines and darken any remaining lines. I hope that you enjoyed the drawing tutorial and that it helped you draw Peter Pan!

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  1. macie
    April 6, 2023

    You were such a big help in helping me draw my favorite Disney character. Thank you!

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