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How to Draw Simple Cartoon Crabs for Kids

Many times you can find crabs along the ocean beach or shore. They have great big pincers and they like to use them. However, today we are going to show you how to draw a cute & friendly cartoon crab. We will show you with easy directions that you will be sure to enjoy. Have Fun!

How to Draw Simple Cartoon Crabs for Kids

How to Draw Simple Cartoon Crabs

Step 1


Lightly draw an oval.

Step 2


Lightly draw 2 circles in front of the oval.

Step 3


– Draw an oval for each eye.

– Lightly draw a letter ‘V’ inside each circle.

Step 4


– Remember the letter ‘V’ shapes that you drew in the last step…draw zig-zags all along them…as seen above.

– Draw sideways letter ‘U’ shapes for arms.

– Draw an oval in each eye.

– Draw 2 curved lines on each eye for the lids. Also draw a curved line above each eye for the brows.

Step 5


Draw a sideways letter ‘J’ shape for the smile.

You are now finished with your simple cartoon crab. You can now color it in and make it a fantastic drawing. Wasn’t that an easy tutorial?

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