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How to Draw Mother Goose with Easy Step by Step Drawing Lesson

Learn how to draw Mother Goose with the following easy-to-follow, step by step instructions. Mother Goose is all embedded in our childhood memories, it is sort of fun to draw such a beloved character. We will guide you thru the simple steps to drawing a beautiful Mother Goose. Have fun!

How to Draw Mother Goose with Simple Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw Mother Goose with Easy Step by Step Drawing Lesson

Step 1


Start off by drawing a #9.

Step 2


  • Draw letter ‘S’ shape for beak.
  • Draw letter ‘D’ shape for body.

Step 3


  • Draw sideways letter ‘D’ shape for bottom of hat.
  • Draw 2 lines for each leg.
  • Draw circles for glasses.
  • Draw part of neck.
  • Draw 2 curved lines over chest, forming a letter ‘x’-like shape.

Step 4


  • Draw upside down letter ‘v’ shape for top of hat.
  • Draw letter ‘v’ shapes for feet – forming a letter ‘m’ like shape.
  • Draw a letter ‘D’ shape for the eye. Draw a curved line for center of glasses.
  • Draw part of her shawl.

Step 5


  • Finish up glasses and eye.
  • Draw a #2-like shape on each foot.
  • Draw wings and bottom curve.
  • Add a few other details.

Step 6


  • Finish feet and bow.
  • Draw letter ‘S’ shape on left wing.


Step 7


  • Draw hat’s ribbon.
  • Draw walking stick.

Step 8


  • Draw eye brow and left wing holding walking stick.

Step 9


– Finish it all up.

Finished Drawing of Mother Goose

Finished Drawing of Mother Goose

  • Erase any remaining guide lines and darken / thicken lines to make it look nice and crisp.
  • You can color in Mother Goose if you like.
  • Come back soon for more drawing tutorials.

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