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How to Draw Jewel from Rio and Rio 2 in Easy Steps Drawing Tutorial

Today I will teach you how to draw Jewel from the movie Rio 1 and 2. Now you will find out how to draw Jewel in these simple illustrated steps. If you can draw letters, numbers, and simple shapes, this tutorial will be a snap for you. Jewel is Blu’s wife or female mate and is a blue macaw just like Blu. She was born in the wild and couldn’t imagine being in a cage…she cherishes her freedom way too much. Now I will show you in the simplest steps possible, how to draw the beautiful Jewel.

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How to Draw Jewel from Rio and Rio 2 in Easy Steps by Step Drawing Lesson

How to Draw Jewel from Rio and Rio 2 in Easy Steps by Step Drawing Lesson

Step 1


– Lightly draw a circle and then draw guidelines thru it as seen above. Now you will have an easier time placing the face’s features.

Step 2


-Draw a sideways letter ‘D’ shape for the eye.

– Draw a sideways letter ‘S’ shape for the mouth.

Step 3


– Draw a #5-like shape in the center of the face.

– Draw the front of the beak.

– Draw ovals inside the eye.

– Draw a circle shape at the right side of the face.

Step 4


– Draw an oval highlight inside the eye. Fill it in. Draw curved lines for lashes.

– Finish the beak.

– Draw letter ‘W’ and ‘J’ shapes around the circle on the right side of the head.

Step 5


– Finish the petals on the flower.

– Draw an odd-eggplant shaped oval lightly…for the body.

– Draw the beginning shapes of the wings.

Step 6


– Add some finishing details to the flower.

– Draw guidelines for the wings and the thighs. Draw them lightly so they can be erased easily.

Step 7


– Use the guidelines to help you draw the feathers.

– The lower feathers can be drawn as capital letter ‘J’ shapes. On the left wing, some of the feathers have a slight ‘s’-like curve to them.

– The top most feather, on both sides, is like a capital letter ‘D’ shape.

– Draw letter ‘Y’ shaped guides and ovals for the feet guides.

Step 8


– Some of the middle feathers are letter ‘U’ shaped.

– The feathers on the right side are sort of letter ‘D’ shaped but without the bottom.

– Outline the left foot’s guides. Draw ovals on the right foot’s guides.

-Draw a long letter ‘U’ shaped guide for the bottom tail feathers.

Step 9


– Outline the right foot’s guides.

– Draw moon shaped claws (or curved letter ‘v’ shapes).

– Draw the tail feathers…which really are just curved, long, letter ‘U’ shapes.

Finished Drawing of Jewel, the Female Bird from Rio 1 and 2

How to Draw Jewel from Rio and Rio 2 in Easy Steps by Step Drawing Lesson

– Erase the guidelines and darken or thicken any remaining lines. You can also colorize Jewel if you choose too. The colorized version of Jewel is below.

And this is what she looks like in color

Jewel from Rio 1 and 2 in Full Color

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  1. A person
    January 22, 2017

    Wait is the finished picture of jewel originally from here? I found one on devientart, its the exact same picture.

    • admin
      January 23, 2017

      I thought it was from whoever made the movie (Dreamworks?) I didn’t make that final picture – I drew the black and white one.

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