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How to Draw Cartoon Hands : Guide to Drawing Comic Hands

Below you will find a guide to drawing cartoon hands. This cartooning tutorial will guide you thru each hand with step by step instructions. Find out how to draw these hands below.

How to Draw Cartoon Hands : Guide to Drawing Comic Hands

How to Draw Cartoon Hands : Guide to Drawing Comic Hands

Below you will find five different cartoon hands that you can learn how to draw.

Cartoon Hand 1

How to Draw Cartoon Hand with Palm Out

The above cartoon hand, that you can learn how to draw, is a cartoon hand with thumb up and fingers out.  The fingers are pointing downwards. This hand is out possibly out asking for money.

Cartoon Hand 2


The above cartoon hand is similar to the first one.  However, this hand is pointing upwards a bit, with the little finger on top of the middle finger. If a hands are doing this position, the cartoon character is asking “What did I do” or “Huh?”

Cartoon Hand 3

Cartoon Palm Out

Here is a cartoon hand lesson that you will want to use if you want a cartoon hand with his palm out AND with all 5 fingers.

Cartoon Hand 4

Hand with fingers stretched outwards

This cartoon hand is one with fingers spread outwards. Maybe this type of hand could be used when a character is in a panic or just to express something to another character.

Cartoon Hand 5

cartoon hand in a fist

This is a cartoon fist. A character might ball his hand up in a fist if he is about to get into a fight or if he is holding anger within himself. People also hold their hands in fists sometimes if they are trying to pep themselves up or if they are at a sports rally.

Cartoon Hand 6


And here is a cartoon fist with all 5 fingers. Depending on which type you want to use for your comic character, this one is more realistic.

Cartoon Hand 7

Open Palmed Cartoon Hand

Here is a cartoon open palm. This is the normal hand just open, with fingers close together. This is a very basic open hand. This is the first type of cartoon hand that you should learn how to draw, since you will use it often.

Back of Cartoon Hand

The back of the hand is the same as the palm of the hand … but without the crease marks.

Cartoon Hand 8

Waving Cartoon Hand

This hand is a waving cartoon hand. This character could also be using his hand to wave someone away, such as “Oh, no, you’re being silly” type of way. Or this person might just be putting his hand up in school to gain the teacher’s attention.

Cartoon Hand 9

Cartoon Pointing Hand

This is the basic cartoon pointing hand. You will use this hand gesture often as cartoon characters have to point at people and things often to make a specific point or to show where you should look. Practice drawing the pointed hand as you will use it often.


I hope that this guide to drawing cartoon hands has helped you. Come back for more drawing tutorials soon!

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