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Animals and Creatures

How to Draw a Cartoon Dog’s Face or Head in Easy Steps

Here is a cartoon tutorial that I found in a very old cartooning book. I thought I would post it today…but a little bit more broken down to make it easier for you. This dog […]

Aug, 16

How to Draw Jewel from Rio and Rio 2 in Easy Steps Drawing Tutorial

Today I will teach you how to draw Jewel from the movie Rio 1 and 2. Now you will find out how to draw Jewel in these simple illustrated steps. If you can draw letters, […]

Jul, 14

How to Draw Blu from Rio and Rio 2 in Simple Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Today I will teach you how to draw Blu from the movie Rio 1 and 2. I will guide you thru the easy steps by showing you thru illustrations using geometric shapes, letters, and numbers. […]

Jul, 07

How to Draw Cartoon Chickens with a Hen, a Rooster, and Baby Chicks

Today you will learn how to draw a family of cartoon chickens. The Papa Rooster and Mama Hen are angry at their  baby chicks. I have no idea why, but those babies are getting scolded […]

May, 25

How to Draw Owl on Branch Easy Drawing Tutorial for Kids

Owls are so adorable and I just love to draw them. They are pretty easy to draw too. I will show you how to draw  adorable cartoon owls with simple to follow steps, using the […]

Apr, 19

How to Draw a Bird in a Tree in Front of Rolling Hills Landscape Drawing Tutorial

Here is your chance to learn how to draw a beautiful Spring or Summer Landscape picture. The focal point of this picture is a bird in a tree…with the branches coming out at you. In […]

Apr, 17

How to Draw the Easter Bunny Step by Step Drawing Tutorial for Kids

Hop Hop Hop! Today we are going to show you how to draw a cute cartoon rabbit that would be perfect to draw as The Easter Bunny!  Put a little Easter basket on the little […]

Apr, 13


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